CERT Bulgaria

25 October 2013

cert.JPGCERT Bulgaria is the National Computer Security Incidents Response Team. It's mission is to provide information and assistance to its constituencies in implementing proactive measures to reduce the risks of computer security incidents as well as responding to such incidents when they occur.

The team builds up a Database, providing information on how you can make your IT Environment more secure.

The objectives of the team include:

  • protection of information and technological assets;
  • reducing the impact of the security incidents on the information society;
  • providing assistance in recovering from incidents;
  • valuating the influence of the incidents on the security of the systems;
  • disseminating technical information related to computer security incidents;
  • conducting studies related to new network and information security technologies;
  • organizing education and awareness raising related to incident handling.


Web  site: https://govcert.bg/

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