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    Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia consider a project for connecting their telecommunication networks

    16 June 2015

    33_K_S1.JPGConnecting the national telecommunication networks of Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia will enable the public institutions and organisations in the three countries to use high-speed secure channels for information exchange. This was announce by Mr. Krassimir Simonski, Executive Director of Executive Agency “Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems” during the formal trilateral meeting which took place in Vidin and set the beginning of a partnership for connecting the national telecommunication networks in the border regions of the three countries. “Investing into high-speed Internet in the border regions will allow the research, educational and public organisations in the three countries to develop common projects. One of the major benefits of connecting the networks is the provision of redundant routes in case of communication problems in any of the countries,” Simonski added. In his opinion the joint project will promote the development of trans-border projects for e-governance, healthcare and electronic services.

    The trilateral meeting was attended by delegations, led by Mr. Valery Borissov, deputy-minister of transport, information technology and communications, Mr. Viorel Yonitsa, state secretary in the Ministry of Information Society of Romania, and Mrs. Irini Relin, deputy-minister of electronic communications and postal services to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia. The event was hosted by Mr. Momtchil Stankov, governor of the Vidin Region. The concrete steps for implementation of that initiative will discussed within a managing board and technical committees, including representatives of the three countries.

    P1020174.JPGDuring the talks, Mr. Krassimir Simonski presented the project for building next-generation high-speed Internet access that has to be implemented by end-2015 and under which optical routes 870 km long will be laid, connecting 29 municipal centres and 24 small settlements in poorly developed regions of the country. In the Vidin Region, the optical cable infrastructure, 106400 m long, will connect the municipalities Makresh, Kula and Tchuprene. It will connect three schools, five community centres and libraries, seven state institutions and two hospitals. The open access network will also connect the municipalities Dimovo and Belogradchik, through which the optical routes pass.

    P1020210.JPGThe Executive Director of EA ESMIS demonstrated to the participants in the trilateral meeting the process of laying and connecting the optical cables in one of the sections of the high-speed Internet network, as well as a technology for checking the conductivity of the cables, which ensures trouble-free operation of the future telecommunication network. Consortium „Broadband Bulgaria“ implements the design and deployment of the optical cable routes in Northern Bulgaria. The unused capacity of the deployed network under the next-generation high-speed Internet access project will be rented to an operator selected by a tender procedure under the Concession Act. The price of the project is 39 123 029 lv., financed by the Regional Development Operational Programme, and the beneficiary is the Executive Agency “Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems”.

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