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    CERT Bulgaria sets up a National Antibot Support Centre with website

    28 May 2015

    \"ACDC.jpg\"On the initiative of CERT Bulgaria, a National Antibot Support Centre with website was set up, much on analogy to the German website This is in conformity with the European pilot project ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre), funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, operational programme “Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Policy” of the European Commission, under which CERT Bulgaria is not a beneficiary.

    Good practices were employed in the creation of, aiming at providing the Bulgarian users with the whole information, needed for protection against botnets, such as:

    What are botnets?

    What is malware?

    How are computers infected?

    What damages can a computer infected with a botnet inflict?


    Users can download programmes for removal of botnet malware from their computers, such as EU-Cleaner from “Avira” and EU-Cleaner from “SurfRight”, as well as DE-Cleaner System Rescue DVD – software for removal of malicious files.


    The website also contains links to other online scanners with which the users can check their systems by themselves.

    The web-page „Protection“ contains instructions on how to protect the users’ systems against infections and how to surf the Internet safely.

    For further information, visit the new website:


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